Meet the Candidates

Jaqueline Gracia
Standing Against Cancer
Lauren and Sterling
Cavaliers for a Cure
Avery, Hannah, and Sydney
Red Researchers
Stephanie and Syndie
Stephanie Rodriguez and Sydnie Singh
Team Logan Kien, Parth Patel, and Stephen Meier
Blood Brothers
Marissa GeRue
Team Honoring #13
Jillian and Phoebe
Jillian Parrot and Phoebe Baker
Phoebe Parmenter
Phoebe Parmenter
Charles Basham
Team Charlie Crushes Cancer
Team Jaxon Hoting and Saghi Naghizadeh
Jaxon Hoting and Saghi Naghizadeh
Madison Kane
Madison Kane
Maria Bass
Maria Bass
Ava Maxwell
To The Max
Vince and Wylie
Vince Gilbert and Wylie Fredrick
Antonio and Martybeth
Running Toward a Cure