Meet the Candidates

Team Claudia and Hayden
Team H.O.P.E (Help Other People Eliminate L&L)
Agamya Guttal
Team Cancer Crushers
Silas Wade
Team Saint Peregrine's Brigade
Sydney Ong
Team Campaigning For a Cure
Team Brody and Roya
Team Lakers Against Leukemia & Lymphoma
Elle Newton
Team Earth Wind & Cure
Team Kancer Kickers
Team Kancer Kickers
Team Mya and Lola
Team Mya & Lola
Team Krishiv and Tanay
Team United For a Cure
Team. F.A.C.T.
Team F.A.C.T
Team Closer to a Cure
Team Closer to a Cure
Henry Beckerman
Team Racing to Raise