Meet the Candidates

Reese Sweatman
Running for a Cure
Amira Zachery
Hope Healers
Jackson Uhr
MacArthur's Finest
Team Trinity and Catie
Panthers Against Cancer
Team Esperanza
Team Esperanza
Healing Heroes
Healing Heroes
Francesca Bustamante
Team Visionary
Sonal Goswami
Advocacy Avengers
Team Lauren & Adyson
Team Lauren & Adyson
Team Ava&Whitney
Team Ava & Whitney
Team AHHS for LLS
Chloe Guitron
Speak Now for a Cure
Phillip Toohill
Lifelines of Hope
Team B.E.T
Cougars For a Cure
Cougars for a Cure
Team AJ STRONG Kicking Out Cancer
Kicking Out Cancer: AJ Strong
Bonded By Blood
Bonded By Blood
Brianna Fino
Better Together
Emily Shaw
Ahvani Pant
Be The Cure
Maya Washington
Team Maya
Fighting Bad Blood
Fighting Bad Blood
Team Trailblazers
The Trailblazers
Jason Jones
Barons Battle Blood Cancer
Taco Bout a Cure
Taco Bout A Cure
Chargers For A Cure - Carter & Owen
Chargers for a Cure
Defying The Odds
Defying the Odds